New Britain Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings

Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings: Benefits and Drawbacks

Solar panel roofings are starting to be a viable option for commercial buildings. Not only can they lower the cost of your building’s energy bills, but they can also last for quite a long time. However, much like other roofing systems, they also have drawbacks. But even with these drawbacks, more and more business owners are considering hiring roof repair contractors in New Britain, CT, for a solar panel roofing installation.

For these reasons, the Roofing Contractor of New Britain shares some pros and cons of installing solar panels on your commercial building.

Solar Roofing Panels: Benefits

Solar panels could benefit greatly from commercial properties with flat or sloped roofs. These roofing materials can turn your property into a “powerhouse,” allowing you to save more on energy costs. Below are some benefits of having solar panels installed on your commercial roof.

Save Money

While the installation process of solar panels is indeed expensive, you can benefit from them a lot in the long run. Once you have operational solar panel roofing, expect your electricity costs and maintenance bills to reduce drastically. According to Energy Sage’s market data, commercial property owners can reduce their overall energy costs by 75% once they go solar.

Immediate Marketing Benefits

Once you’ve let a roof repair contractor in New Britain, CT install solar panels on your roof, you can consider your business a “green company” and incorporate these newfound ideals into your marketing strategy and branding. By doing so, you’ll be a part of a global movement that depends less on fossil fuels, encouraging your locality to be more environmentally conscious about its decisions.

Increase in Property Value

Upgrading your commercial building construction with solar panel roofing will reduce energy costs and increase your property’s market value. Solar panel roofing offers an excellent ROI, and you can see this benefit within a year of installing your solar power system.

Long-Lasting Material

Commercial solar panels are expected to last for about 25 to 30 years. Even after this time, your panels will not stop harnessing solar energy. However, they’d be less efficient than how they functioned in their prime. Interestingly, some solar panels installed in the 1980s still perform at their expected capacities.

Further Energy Savings

If your solar panels produce more energy than your building needs, you can either store said energy into batteries or feed it back to your town’s power grid. If you send the extra energy to the power grid, your utility bill will receive a credit, depending on how many kilowatt-hours you send back.

Solar Roofing Panels: Drawbacks

solar roofing panel installations in New Britain

Like any roofing system under the sun, solar panels also have their fair share of drawbacks. If you own a commercial building and you’re interested in calling a roof repair contractor in New Britain, CT, to install solar panels on your roof, you better consider these drawbacks first.

Overall Costs

There’s no denying that solar roofing installation requires a pretty hefty initial cost. Even if your initial investment can be covered after five years or less, if you’re not prepared for the upfront cost, it’s not a good idea to invest in solar panels, even if you factor in the help from the local government. Also, you’d have to reconfigure the electrical system on your existing commercial building before you can adequately install rooftop solar panels – another extra expense you need to keep in mind.

Reliance on Good Weather

Solar panels can still produce electricity from solar energy, even on cloudy or rainy days. However, their efficiency will be dramatically reduced during such weather. Solar panels typically perform around 10% to 30% of their expected capacity during cloudy days.

Requires Ample Space

Here’s the thing about solar panels: if you want to produce more energy, you’d have to install more solar panels. Each solar panel takes up space; the more you need, the more area you need to free up. Suppose your roof can’t accommodate the necessary amount of solar panels to produce an expected amount of energy. If that’s the case, you may have to split your system between your roof and a solar panel garden.

Additionally, it’s vital for your building not to be surrounded by tall trees and buildings if you want your system to reach its intended capacity.

Affordable Solar Roofing Panels in New Britain, CT

Affordable Solar Roofing Panels in New Britain, CT ​

This article can help you decide whether solar roofing panels are for you or not. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of a solar power system for your building and business can help you make better decisions. 

If you decide to proceed with installing solar panels on your roof, you must hire a reputable roof repair contractor in New Britain, CT, to install the solar panels for you. Companies like the Roofing Contractor of New Britain offer some of the most affordable solar roofing panel installations on commercial buildings in New Britain, CT. Contact them today to learn more about their services!